Great writing is about more than getting words onto a page (or into a Google Doc). 

Because for B2B brands like you, your audience is made up of experts in their field. They don’t need a rundown of high-level definitions of the things they eat, sleep, breathe, and create every day. 

What they do want is educational, informative content from other leaders and SMEs in their industry. The success of your content marketing strategy depends on getting the right amount of this kind of content produced—and that’s where I come in. 

how I can help you 

Here are just a few ways I create content for my clients that resonate at a deeper level than content-mill fluff: 

Ι don’t see myself as just a writer—I’m an enabler of your content creation processes. 

Content Writing

You name it, I’ve written it: blog posts, ebooks, case study, guides, and so much more.


Creating the content that moves your prospects to take action—signing up for your email list, trying your SaaS product, or talking to your sales team.

Thought Leadership Content

I take your expertise and transform it into content that grabs your audience on Linkedin or your blog.


Think of me as your friendly ghost 👻 in your content machine, when you want to build your own brand but simply don’t have the time.

Content Strategy

Need help coming up with the right content cadence, tactics, or overall strategy? Put my experienced strategic mind to work!

Refresh and Repurpose Content

I’ll update your old content with fresh info and perspectives, and repurpose existing content for multiple platforms.


let’s talk