Hi, it’s lovely to meet you! I’m Kathleen O’Donnell, the writer behind Calliope Content.

my experience

I spent six years in internal and corporate communications at Fidelity Investments and Liberty Mutual Insurance.

That experience made me comfortable interviewing SMEs and executives alike to get their expert perspectives for all kinds of content creation, from social media to blog posts to emails.

And those are the skills I bring to my freelance content writing business today.

my life

I’m from Boston, MA originally, but I’ve lived in Athens, Greece full-time since 2022. I started freelancing in 2019 after returning from a year of traveling the world and realizing I wanted to find a different way of working and writing.

Calliope Content was born from that desire for changeā€”I started living as a digital nomad in Europe and building my business. Now my work is thriving and my Greek skills are (slowly but surely) improving!

Calliope is the Ancient Greek muse of eloquence and sometimes called the chief of all the muses. She’s the inspiration for countless works of poetry and my most-beloved muse as well.

I bring my curiosity about the world, my sense of adventure, and my can-do attitude honed by my slightly unconventional life to all my writing and strategy projects. Let’s chat and see what I can help you accomplish!